My name is Daniël Mostertman. I also go by the nicknames of FinalX & Eihrister on the internet.

  • Born in Hilversum, raised in Hilversum (1982 - 2001).
  • Living in Lelystad (2001 - present).
  • Working in Amsterdam (1999 - present).

Growing up in a more active city, moving to Lelystad was difficult. From constant noise at night (living next to the train tracks, and near the station & city center), to complete and utter quiet at night. From close to everything, to being remote to everything. From a charismatic buildings under the smoke of a beautiful church building to box-like buildings with next to no appeal.

In recent years, however, I have come to appreciate my current city a whole lot more. Mainly because of my wife, who moved here from an even busier city, Porto Alegre (Brazil). Over time, the awkward quietness at night became a blessing. I started to appreciate the nature in the city more, as well. The pond, the ducks, the geese.

Later, when my wife came over permanently to live with me, we got a dog. We named him Brynnan. I was very hesitant about getting one at first, as it's a big responsibility and you have to go out with him every single day. But, yet another thing that turned into a blessing: You are forced to go out and get some sun and fresh air every day. He's also a great therapy dog: You can tell him about all that bothers you, and he won't judge.

And then we started exploring the woods and terrains behind our neighbourhood. Together. More and more every weekend (when I have the time to do so). I love taking pictures, so naturally I started taking a lot along the way as well.

Recently, my Instagram account was born due to my wife insisting over and over. "Share your pictures with the world! They're beautiful!". Well, here it is: Instagram account: @eihrister. I hope you'll enjoy at least some of it. Lelystad is way more beautiful than people give it credit for.